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Lions attack Lion tamer

A circus act has gone wrong in a terrible way when the Lions decided to take a piece of the Lion tamer. Two of the lions took hold of the lion tamer while families where taking photo's and making films.

Visitors where chocked when they saw the lions attack the Lion tamer in the circus in the Ukraine town Lviv. The lion tamer Oleskie Pinko defends himself with an iron bar as employees of the circus try to fend of the Lions with a water hose.

Especially children that where in the circus were in panic when the lions attacked the lion tamer. They where screaming and crying says an eye whitness, Doug Shepperd, who filmed the whole scene. One of the Lions even attempted to jump out of the ring into the audience. Luckely he did not succeed says Dougs wife, who was afraid for the live of her children.

Oct. 15 - 2010

Watch the movie on this link: Lion attack movie


Tourist man killed by lions while showering

A 59 year old tourist has been killed by a pride of lions while he was showering at a popular fishing camp in a remote area of Zimbabwe in the country's north. Pete Evershed was taking an outdoor shower just before dark Tuesday when up to five lions attacked him while his wife witnessed the attack. She could do nothing to save him. Pete died from loss of blood at the site because of serious neck wounds

The area, located on the Zambesi River, is popular with hunters, most of whom stay in basic camps that offer little protection against attack by wild animals.The attack is the latest in a series of lion attacks in the area. Eight villagers were killed earlyer by lion attacks over a period of about two months this year. Those attacks only stopped when a pride of lions was killed.

Locals have claimed that lions in the area were being lured into camps with meat by tour operators but conservationists say the high level of wildlife poaching in Zimbabwe is robbing predators, such as lions, of food and making animals more aggressive. "If they've got no food, they're going to look for other ways of feeding the pride," Johnny Rodrigues, head of the Zimbabwean Conservation Task Force, told the German news agency DPA. Antelopes, a favorite lion food, are regularly hunted by locals for their own consumption.

Evershed's wife appealed for the lions not to be killed ...

Nov. 3 - 2010


Lions attack a car tire.

poaching lions poaching lions poaching lions

British tourist is attacked by a lion in a game reserve in Zimbabwe. Incredibly, she survived the savaging with just little head dammage.

poaching lions  poaching lions  poaching lions

Lion ‘devours’ young lover

Police in central Tanzania say a young woman was devoured after a lion attacked a couple who were making love in the bush near their village. Late on Wednesday night, a lion surprised two young lovers in the region of Singida, in the forest near Mpungizi village, police told Tanzania’s official Daily News newspaper.

The animal attacked the woman, but the young man escaped unharmed. He returned to the area with other villagers as reinforcements, but by then the lion had disappeared. Nothing remained but the woman’s skull and parts of her limbs, regional police chief Harun Bachbira was quoted as saying.

Saturday, 3 August, 2002 - BBC news

poaching lionsA lion breeder witnessed his four-year-old daughter mauled by one of his own lions because of a switched off electric fence.

Zanri Mostert was rushed to a hospital were she was treated for severe gashes to her head (nearly 30 stitches) and arms. The unfortunate girl screamed in pain wile the lioness dragged her to the wire fencing that surrounds the 65-acre farm in South Africa. A lioness grabbed Zanri through a fence as her father, Thys, could see the attack happen.

‘The lion bit me’ said four year old Zanri Mostert. Her father said she probably came to close to the fence and the electricity was off.

Mr. Mostert breeds lions for big game hunting for tourists on his farm. He has been breeding lions for 15 years but never witnessed an attack before. ‘But I am not angry with the lioness. I know which one did it but it’s their instinct. She will not be destroyed.’

His wife Antoinette, said Thys ran into the house with her bleeding and screaming daughter with him. She thinks it’s a miracle that her daughter is still alive. Antoinette doesn’t want to come near the lions anymore.

Zanri is out of the hospital and recovering..

Lion eats girl’s palm

A little girl was attacked by a lion, which detached the girl’s right palm in the presence of several visitors of the government-run Nandan Van zoo, and ate it. Sapna Malik, (4,5 years old) visited the zoo with her uncle. She was holding the wire fence in which the lion was kept when the lion suddenly attacked her in a blink of an eye. The lion started eating from the palm wile family cried for help. The girl cried for 30 minutes next to the lions enclosure before a visitor rushed her to a hospital.

nov 16, 2009

lion atacks maneaterIncrease of lion Attacks in Tanzania

Lion attacks are a big issue in tanzania were attacks by lions are on the increase. Scarcity of natural prey, abundance of bush pigs and human populations growing, witch causes people to live in the lions territory, are the major factors for lions to start attacking humans.

Since 1990 Lion attacks have increased significantly. From 1990 to 2005 more than 563 Tanzanians were killed and at least 308 injured by lions. That is an average of more than 37 killings by lions a year!

In rural areas there are reports of lions pulling people out of bed, attacking nursing mothers, and catch playing children. Most attacks happen in rural areas during harvest time when farmers sleep in their fields to protect their crops from bush pigs. The Tanzanian human population grew with nearly 50% between 1988 and 2002. This led to a result of less natural prey for the lions lik impala’s and zebra’s with in turn causes the lions to search for new prey.

Park security man killed by lion

A 40-year-old security guard was killed by a lion inside the Sanjay Gandhi National Park.

The accident occurred on a Tuesday when the guard, Harish Gimbal, was closing the gates of Lion Safari inside the park in suburban Borivali when a lion pounced on him and dragged him into the bushes.

The Sanjay Gandhi National Park is one of the few national parks that exists within a metropolis limit and is surrounded on three sides by the city. It encompasses a 104 km area. Visitors can take a 20-minute ride through the 29.65 acres of fenced forest area and see about 25 lions up close from inside caged bushes provided by the park.

April 21- 2005

lion attacks poachingMalawi’s killer lion shot dead

Four game hunters have killed a marauding lion some two months after it broke free from a game park, killing up to seven people. killer lion The carcass of the bullet-riddled lion is currently on display at the nature sanctuary here in the capital, Lilongwe, and has been the centre of attraction the whole weekend.

Harrison Phula, one of the four hunters that successfully stalked the ageing and hungry lion, told journalists on Monday it was not an easy task to overpower the lion. He said it took a total of four bullets to kill the animal but even after stopping the first two bullets in its belly, the beast still charged at the hunters, injuring two of them.

“With intestines coming out of its belly the lion lunged at two of us injuring one in the leg and crashing an arm of the other,” he said.

The two injured hunters are currently in hospital in the northern central district of Kasungu, where the lion was shot.

Loose pride
Scratches still showing on his arms, face and legs, Mr Phula said when the two remaining hunters saw their friends were in danger, they pumped two more bullets into the lion and physically struggled with it until it died. “We fought with it until it died,” he said.

Lion “Maybe we succeeded because of the intestines that were coming out. The good thing is that we fought with it and that our friends did not die.”

The hunter said the fully grown lion, which is guessed to be between eight and 10 years old, was so heavy that eight people could not manage to lift it into a truck. However, if the beleaguered people of Kasungu, Nkhota Kota and Mzimba thought life was now back to normal with the death of the notorious beast, they may have another thing coming. Assistant Director of Parks and Wildlife Hackswell Jamusana said a pride of three more lions has also broken free from Kasungu National Park and are lurking somewhere in the bushes around the three districts. Mr Jamusana, however, said the people living around the national park have unwittingly brought the lion menace onto their own doorsteps.

“People vandalised the entire 110 kilometres of electric fence along the eastern boundary of the park which used to prevent animals from getting out of the park to human settlement,” he said. Over the years, heavy poaching has led to a decline in the numbers of small game such as deer and impalas, which the lions normally eat, he said.

BBC News - 2003

Drought drives on Malawi’s killer lions

An increase in lion attacks in rural Tanzania threatens both local people and lion conservation efforts, scientists report today in Nature. A team led by Dr Craig Packer of the University of Minnesota compiled data on lion attacks spanning 15 years. They found that scarcity of natural prey and abundance of bush pigs, a common crop pest, are the major factors contributing to lion attacks on humans.

They suggest limiting populations of bush-pigs may prevent further attacks.The number of lion attacks has increased significantly since 1990, with more than 563 Tanzanians killed and at least 308 injured by lions in that time.

Surprise attack
In rural areas, Dr Packer’s team reports, “lions pull people out of bed, attack nursing mothers, and catch children playing outside”. The increase in attacks mirrors the dramatic rise in the Tanzanian human population, which grew by nearly 50% between 1988 and 2002. Swelling human populations have expanded into wildlife areas and depleted the lions’ natural prey, such as zebras and impala.

The new study found that attacks are most common in rural areas during harvest time when farmers sleep in their fields in makeshift huts to protect their crops from bush pigs. When natural prey is scarce, bush pigs become a staple of lions’ diets, attracting the animals into populated areas and increasing the risk of attacks on humans. Dr Packer’s team found that a lack of natural prey coupled with an abundance of bush pigs are common features of regions with high rates of lion attack.

BBC News - 2005

Lion kills park securityman

The dead body of a 40-year-old security guard who was attacked by a lion inside the Sanjay Gandhi National Park has been retrieved, police said here on Wednesday.

A forest official closes the gates of the lion safari area at the Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Mumbai on Wednesday. The incident occurred on Tuesday when the guard, Harish Gimbal, was closing the gates of Lion Safari inside the sprawling park in suburban Borivali. A lion pounced on him and dragged him into the dense bushes of the park, Senior Inspector R R Thakur said. “We are searching for Gimbal in the forest area and moving towards the direction in which he was taken by the lion,” he said.

The Lion Safari is a 20-minute ride through a 29.65 acres fenced forest area in the park. There are said to be about 25 lions which visitors can see up close from inside the caged buses provided by the park. The SGNP encompasses an area of 104 km and is surrounded on three sides by the city. It is one of the few national parks existing within a metropolis limit.

Mumbai, April 21, 2010 -

poaching lionsLion with toothache starts eating humans

A man-eating lion that is linked to at least 35 killings in southern Tanzania was killed by game scouts in April 2004 and examined. It turns out that the lion had a large abscess under one of its molar teeth, which was cracked into many pieces and must have caused great pain when eating. It then probably switched his diet from buffalo’s, zebra’s and other animals to humans because human flesh is easier to chew and thus less painful than the meat of wildlife animals.

The lion hunted in the coastal Rufiji River district over an area with eight villages and over a period of 20 months. The lion is probably responsible for the highest number of human killings recorded for one lion.

Tanzania has the highest number of lions in Africa and therefore unfortunately, man-eating lions are not rare in Tanzania. Exact figures are not known but by estimation lions kill up to 40 people a year in Tanzania.

Dar es Salaam 2004

Burglar caught and brought to trial by lions.

An unknown man was devoured by a lions in Marloth Park, South Africa. The lions only left his head, one shoe with his foot still in it, a baseball cap and a stolen solar panel from a nearby house. It seems that this thief got an early punishment.

The lions left so little leftovers that the person could not be identified but he might have been an illegal immigrant from Mozambique who was burglaring this area and unfortunately got caught by the lions instead of the police.

The provincial government responded by killing three lions that are suspected of being man-eaters in Marloth Park. Residents of the expensive thatched vacation homes in Marloth Park were outraged by the killings of the lions. They feel that the lions are “good watchdogs” said the chairman of the town council with weekend homes that are easy prey for burglars the lions are more than welcome.

What the residents don’t realize the threat they face from lions in their aria. Once an animal has killed a human and eaten it, the chances they will hunt humans again get bigger. The residents of Marloth park are all white and drive trucks to travel that protect them from lion attacks. The workers on nearby farms are black, mostly poor and do not have that same luxury. They travel on bikes and by foot through the lion territory to reach the nearest grocery store witch makes them vonurable to lion attacks. Changes are that people would have react differently if a white man had been killed by lions.

This was the fifth time in a year that lions attacked humans in Marloth Park. But it was the first fatal attack since the town was created in 1977 for vacation homes.

Killings by lions are not rare around Kruger park that borders the Marloth park. Every few months, Kruger rangers find the remains of Mozambican job-seekers that attempted to cross the park illegally so they don’t run into border patrols. Lion attacks outside Kruger park are less common except for Marloth Park.

December 12, 1999.

Asian lion attacks and injures 2 people in Talaja

Two people were attacked by lions in Talaja village of Bhavnagar and caused serious injuries.

Ahir Punja, aged 45, was attacked by a lion wile working on his farm. The lion surprised him from the bushes and caught him. Ahir escaped but was left with serious injuries. He was rushed to a Hospital.

Bharat Waghela, aged 30, was in his orchard with seven to eight friends when a lion, which was resting under a tree, attacked him. His friends managed to save him and rushed him to a hospital.

At least 33 lions live in Talaja, Mahuva, Palitana and Gogha talukas. They have migrated from Gir sanctuary because of increase in their population. The migration has also brought in reports of their attack in villages.

May 18, 2010

Fully grown lion mauled and killed South African volunteer

BULAWAYO - An escaped lion killed a South African woman. The fully grown adult lion escaped from the Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage in Zimbabwe were the Robyn Lotz, 26, worked as a volunteer. Her life’s mission was caring for and rehabilitate neglected and injured wild animals.

One of the workers presumably didn’t close the lion’s cage properly after cleaning the lion’s cage. The lion was able to push open the gate, crawled through a smaller gate and attacked Robyn by grabbing her by the back of her head.

After sanctuary head Kevin Wilson shot and killed the lion Lotz was rushed to the mater Dei hospital were doctors fought to save here life but unfortunately Lotz died shortly after. It’s the first time in 37 years since Chipangali’s establishment that something like this happened.

July 3th, 2010

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