About 40 people a year are killed by lions in Tanzania.

Tanzania has the largest population of lions in Africa






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about Lions

A short list of facts about lions. Did you know the oldest lion ever was 29 years old?

poaching lions

There not called the king of the jungle for nothing. See some live kills in nature and some unfortunate people that came to close .

poaching lions

The African lion is not listed as an endangered species but ne- vertheless there is a problemm of poaching lions for medicine and fur for trading.

This website is NOT intended to give lions a negative image. We think lions are one of the beautiful creations God put on this planet. This website shows you what damage they can do but also what impressive and magnificent creatures they are. BUT! To be handled with caution! If a lion attacks it’s because people are invading their territory or take dumb risks. Lions should not live as a pet or in captivity.

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poaching lions

Lion attacks

Lions are killers. But they do not only kill animals. Unfortunately a lot of humans get killed every year. (mostly in Africa).